CertID portal for certificate requests

Certificate request portal

Customized offer

If you ordered a customized offer, then use the code you recieved to access your dedicated workspace.

CertID generic offer

If you did not order a customized offer.

View the current status of my certificate request

You can follow your record registration process with the reference number that was given to you when you submitted your request.

Revoke my certificate (USB token USB or smart card)

In case your certiicate was lost, theft or compromised, you must revoke it to avoid any fraudulent use by a third party.

If this is your case, use the following button to revoke your certificate. You will be redirected to the self-care revocation portal. Click then on the "Carte perdue ou volée" link, and fill the following data:

  • Your token/card identifier: This is the 14 characters (16 in case of a backup device) identification number, starting with "OT", written on your token/card.
  • Revocation code: This code was sent to you by mail when your token/card was produced.

Should you miss any of those information, please contact your DRA to ask for your certificate to be revoked.